Wednesday, November 22, 2006


A few weeks ago I was searching for something to read. Now, I am reading 3 books at once and that always makes me feel happy. Anyhow, my friend Tracey lent me a book about one of my personal heroes, Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie and her family were imprisoned in WWII for hiding Jews in their home. Her book (later made into a movie) "The Hiding Place", chronicles her family's story. The book I am reading now, however, was written about her by her personal assistant of many years after Tante Corrie's death. Corrie continues to inspire from it's pages. Below is one of my favorite excerpts, in which Corrie is responding to someone's comment that it was her faith that must have carried her through her imprisonment:

"My faith? I don't know about that...My faith was so weak, so unstable. It was hard to have faith. When a person is in a safe environment, having faith is easier. But in that camp when I saw my own sister and thousands of others starve to death, where I was surrounded by men and women who had training in cruelty, then I do not think it was my faith that helped me through. No, it was Jesus! He who said, 'I am with you until the end of the world.' It was His eternal arms that carried me through. He was my certainty.

If I tell you that it was my faith, you might say if you have to go through suffering, 'I don't have Corrie ten Boom's faith.' But if I tell you it was Jesus, then you can trust that He who helped me through will do the same for you. I have always believed it, but now I know from my own experience that His light is stronger than the deepest darkness." (pg. 114)

To those who are going through difficult times,
who feel they are unsafe and unprotected, uncared for and forgotten.....
I pray that Jesus will be your certainty.
His light is stronger than the deepest darkness!
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Live, Love, Laugh said...

wow this is a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing it.

I love the way she said, Jesus is my certainty. That is sooooo true! How could it have been put any better than that. I love it!

Sara said...

this is one of the most powerful things i've ever read. i've already forwarded it to my mom and my sister and now i have to get that book!

Tom Harry said...

have a most blessed thanksgiving, too!

Birmingham Girl said...

I'm a little late, but this was so awesome. Thanks!